VIDEO: Professor Green Slaps Drunk Student In The Face At Durham University Freshers’ Ball

Professor Green doesn’t like being called a c*nt, apparently.

We all know what happened last time someone said something uncomplimentary about Professor Green — he went on full on Twitter meltdown mode.

One year on, he’s performing at Durham University’s freshers’ ball, when a drunk student yells something to the effect of “you’re a cunt!”.

Like any respectable musician, Pro Green just ignored him and carried on with his set. Just kidding — he walked over to him and slapped him across the face, announcing “that’s what happens when you call me a cunt.”

Still, maybe not as bad as when Kanye West ordered two fans in wheelchairs to get on their feet for his next song.

Come on Green, if DMX can hold it together during a gig, then so can you.


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