Someone Has Created A ‘Prince-Mas-Tree’


The most beautiful tree in the world.

One of the reasons that 2016 has been such a shitty year is that so many universally loved and iconic celebrities have ended up passing, with one of the most tragic of these being the death of Prince at 57 last April.

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Prince was someone who seemed larger than life and just did whatever he wanted, and it kind of seemed like he would be around forever just doing his thing. Unfortunately, it wasn’t to be and his death hit some people harder than others, which is why Lish Lynette decided to pay tribute to him with this Prince themed Christmas tree.

At first glance, it might just look Prince’s face stuck on a the top of  Christmas tree, but looking closely you can see that she’s also decorated it to mimic one of his classic stage outfits. She’s clearly put a lot of effort into this, but Lish also wanted to use the video’s virality to promote an important message:

What a great little tree – I love the extra detail with the ‘symbol’ and Prince themed baubles. And fair play to Lish for actually using the fact that it was going viral to try and spread a positive message this Christmas, rather than just lapping it up and trying to make money off it like most people who accidentally accomplish something like this do.

Having said that, I’m sure if she wanted to try and mass produce the design next year there would be a market for people who would definitely enjoy a Prince Christmas tree in the corner of their living room. It’s just such a sexy addition to Christmas, right?

For more Prince, check out his last passport picture which proved once and for all why he was so such an absolute G. RIP.


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