Prince’s Passport Photograph Proves Why He Is An Absolute G

Would you expect anything less?

It’s pretty much undeniable that Prince is the epitome of cool and if it was ever in any doubt then this photograph almost certainly proves it.

Whenever you go to the airport with your mates, you always get a good laugh looking at everyone else’s passport photos because everybody invariably looks terrible in them, or completely different to how they actually look.

But not Prince, Prince just looks unbelievably cool, even in this situation where it’s almost impossible to look cool. Of course he does though doesn’t he?

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Hot damn. It’s like he’s not even trying. I suppose if you can rock an afro, moustache, pout combo like that effortlessly every day though then you probably actually aren’t trying are you.

If this wasn’t enough evidence of how smooth the guy is, then check out what he rocked to the French Open a couple of years ago. Pimpin.


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