Prince Harry Lookalike Worried For Safety After Taliban Revelations In Autobiography



This is another stupid story about Prince Harry, but for once it isn’t directly linked to one of the dumb revelations that he’s decided to spout in his recently released autobiography.

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Instead, the news comes from a 39 year old self confessed Prince Harry lookalike who is now worried about his safety after Harry admitted to killing 25 members of the Taliban during his time in the military somewhere in ‘Spare’. Rhys Whittock has travelled all over the globe in his role as a Prince Harry lookalike but has now revealed that he has taken to disguising himself in public in case the Taliban decided to attack him.

Here’s what he had to say:

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I started to feel uneasy when I heard that Harry was talking about his time in the army.

My mum texted me and it left me with goosebumps. It just said: “Because of Harry’s admission in the army he is now a target. You need to wear glasses in public.”

People mistake me for Harry every single day so it is a worry when you’re the lookalike of someone facing a sudden increase in security threats.

Experts agree it was a mistake to release this information. He has put himself and family at extra unnecessary risk.

I think his memoir should have been run past British security first. It’s quite bizarre that it never had been, as he will require extra security in future in the UK at the coronation this year for example.

He will require lots of extra security for some time now. While I do look a lot like him, I’m not surrounded by an entourage when I’m out and about so I would think it should be clear to most people I’m not the real Harry but there are crazy people out there.

I haven’t been offered any security before for jobs that I carry out but I would be very hesitant to do one in the current climate without security for being mistaken as the real Prince Harry.

Normally it’s quite nice to run into people who think I’m Harry, but I’ve made sure I’ve kept my hat on over the last few days.

As you can imagine, I’ve always been a big fan of Prince Harry, but I think everybody, including me, is a bit annoyed by the constant private family revelations.

The problem I see though is the constant, seemingly never-ending drip-feeding speaking out is now losing impact with the public with every new detail.

We’re tired of it and just want something much more positive.

I am often now asked not to smile as much when I am doing lookalike work – Harry used to always be grinning, but now, people don’t believe it’s him if I turn up with a smile.

Many people are concerned for Harry’s wellbeing. He strikes me as being deeply unhappy, angry, paranoid and isolated.

I have to rein-in my smiles at work because Harry doesn’t smile nearly as much as he used to.

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Geez that guy likes the sound of his own voice doesn’t he?

I gotta say that him being worried about the Taliban attacking him has to be one of the biggest begs in history though. Surely anyone affiliated with the Taliban isn’t going to act on a whim when they see him walking around in public, but will instead probably have planned any attack for weeks in advance and so will definitely be going after the real Prince Harry rather than some lamewad impersonator? They’re gonna have better information than that guy.

Also find the likelihood of an actual attack on Prince Harry by the Taliban pretty unlikely considering it has almost zero chance of success given he’s constantly surrounded by security guards and an entourage. Everyone needs to calm down about all this, seriously.

For more of the same, check out Prince Harry saying he used to sneak into supermarkets and hear people debating whether he was gay. Tough life for the guy.



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