Prince George Refuses To High Five Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau (VIDEO)

Our future king gives literally zero fucks.

We all know Prince George is a vicious little bastard, as evidenced by the time he nearly killed his own dog on camera.

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Well his campaign of giving zero fucks continues in Canada this week, where he travelled alongside his sister Charlotte and his parents Will & Kate for an eight-day tour.

Here’s what happened when George came face to face with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau:

Brutal stuff. That’s how you know Prince George isn’t like other kids his own age. I mean what 3-year-old kid ever refuses a high five? 3-year-old kids LOVE high fives. Well except if you’re a cold-blooded King Joffrey in the making like George.

Kate needs to stop flashing her butt for German tabloids (NSFW) and teach our future king a little decorum.


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