A Priest Was Caught Filming Himself Having Sex With Two Dominatrixes On The Altar

Holy smokes.

I often think that if you’re gonna break the rules and do something that you shouldn’t be doing then you might as well go to the extreme and this mindset has been fully realised in the actions of Reverend Travis Clark, who decided to film himself having sex with two dominatrixes on the altar of his church in New Orleans.

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Clark was only discovered by pure coincidence after a passerby saw the lights on in the church at 11pm and decided to stop in and take a look. You can’t imagine that he was pleased with what he saw, hence dobbing Clark, 41 year old adult film actress Mindy Dixon and 23 year old Melissa Cheng into the authorities.The three of them could now face up to three years in jail for obscenity after the witness showed them a recording that they had made of the scene.

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What a grass – I suppose if you’re really religious then it’s worth the hassle of reporting this, but otherwise this guy just strikes me as a busybody. You know he’s jerking over his own ‘private recording’ as well or uploading it to the internet for some bucks, especially as he’s from a seedy place like New Orleans. There’s just no other reasonable conclusion to this story.

Clark himself has now been suspended from the church and if you were worried about the sanctity of the altar then there’s no need, as Archbishop Gregory Almond performed a ritual to restore it. Thank God for that, although I don’t know if the patrons of Saints Peter and Paul Roman Catholic Church will ever be able to look at it the same. I know I wouldn’t.

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