A Priest Convinced His Congregation To Drink Bleach After Saying He Had Turned It Into The Blood Of Christ

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Down it.

If you’re a follower of any religion then you’re going to be asked to believe a lot of crazy things, but I think I would draw the line if a priest told me to drink some bleach because it would be safe as he had changed it into the blood of Christ.

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Nevertheless, it appears from the photographs on this page that a bunch of people believed this claim when it was made by the pastor of the Ark Ministry in Makgodu Village, in Limpopo, South Africa. Apparently the priest was only too happy to make this admission to the local newspaper:

 Yes, it was Jik before I made the declaration. But after I declared it to be the blood of Jesus Christ it means it’s no longer Jik so it won’t harm anyone who consumes it.

In case you don’t know Jilk is a version of Lemon Jif or something. Anyway, his magic powers seemingly worked as nobody from his congregation has been reported as dying a horrible, painful and disgusting death as their insides burned out, but this also just makes me think he probably performed an old switcheroo on  the bleach bottle before he brought it out?

Even if this is the most obvious and likely chain of events, it still makes me feel pretty worried about the power of religion that these guys would willingly believe these guys claims and seemingly pour  bottle of bleach down their throats. People can be freakin’ stupid sometimes – unless he is actually that powerful. Fat chance of that though right?

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