Pretty Little Thing Shopper Left With ‘Burns On Her Boobs’ After Wearing £15 Top Once (NSFW)

That looks painful (NSFW).

A Pretty Little Thing shopper claims she’s suffered horrific burns to her boobs after wearing a £15 dress purchased from the online retailer.

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Adara Graham, 19, provided a warning on Twitter claiming the ‘rusty’ metal loops on the low cut black and white blouse burned through her skin and melted her tits:

It’s pretty gruesome stuff:

The dress and metal hoops in question:

The PLT Twitter account sent numerous replies to Adara’s Tweets urging her to get in touch with them, but no update on her own account thus far. A load of the replies are encouraging her to sue the company although it’s obviously not as simple as that and they’ll have to determine what’s happened exactly. Could be that Adara has had an allergic reaction to the metal, as a couple Tweeters have suggested:

Either way, not a great look for PLT who are owned by Boohoo who are already under investigation over low pay and exploitation claims. Last thing they need now is a viral story about their dresses burning women’s tits off. Speedy recovery to Adara and let’s hope they get to the bottom of this ASAP.

For the PLT advert that was banned earlier this year for being ‘overly sexualised’, click HERE. It’s just not going their way atm is it?


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