Massive Prehistoric Insects Were Horrific Looking

Insects grew to fiendish sizes millions of years ago. Thankfully they’ve stopped all that nonsense now. Take a look at the buggers though…. terrifying.

Another beast to be avoided was called Arthropleura who roamed the earth 340-280 million years ago. This horrific centipede/millipede type thing is the largest land invertebrate ever known and could hit 8.5 feet in length. Its body comprises of 30 segments, all with their own pair of legs.

Here’s a life size model of the beast made by a couple of dudes from the Natural History Museum in Chemnitz, Germany. From fossil remains of the tracks it left, paleoentemologists (what a cool thing to be called) presume it moved pretty fast. I guess you would with that many legs hanging off you. I mean, just picture that thing running about at 15 mph. Errrrghhh.

Massive Prehistoric Insects - Meganeuropsis permiana - Arthropleura Model

Despite looking like a seasoned murderer, Arthropleura was a vegetarian. That would have been little consolation if you found one crawling up your back passage during the dead of night.

Massive Prehistoric Insects - Meganeuropsis permiana - Arthropleura Montage

Although Arthropleura is pretty horrible looking, at least it wouldn’t have chopped us into bits like this next fella….

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