Watch This Pregnant Woman Bite Into A Face Full Of Maggots In Her Subway Sandwich

Maggots Subway Sandwich

You really couldn’t make the server’s response up.

I used to really enjoy Subway when it first came out, but then there started being about fifteen in every city and the quality of the food dropped dramatically so it probably isn’t even that healthy anymore, let alone fresh. This video pretty much exemplifies that.

The video below a guy and his pregnant girlfriend have ordered a couple of subways and tucked into those delicious Big Meaty Treats before finding that they’re actually tucking into a sandwich full of maggots. Well, maybe not full of maggots but there are definitely a few in there and even one maggot is way too much maggot in my sandwich at least.

Like any reasonable person would do, the couple in the video went to complain to the Subway counter woman who probably has the worst customer service skills in history and will hopefully lose her job if she’s able to be tracked down on account of this. First she steadfastly refuses there’s even anything out of the ordinary there, then she says it isn’t her store, then she says that the maggots aren’t harmful and finally she threatens to throw the customers out for making a scene in her store.

What an absolutely ridiculous reaction – how could anyone think that maggots in their food wasn’t completely and utterly disgusting and bad for you!? Still, this has got nothing on some of these fast food horror stories.

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