Prankster Convinces His Friends He Won The Lottery, Ends Up Spending £5,000 ‘Celebrating’ At A Bar

Worst prank ever.

A Warwickshire man who told his pals he had won £328,000 on the Lottery as a ‘prank’ ended up blowing thousands of pounds on a 13-hour bender in order to keep up the façade.

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Dale Barnwell, 33, texted mates, telling them to meet him, suited and booted, for a celebration. Five friends turned up along with Dale’s 27-year-old cousin Brad Birkett, who was in on the joke.

They started drinking at the Fox Inn in Nuneaton and spent £200 on Jägerbombs.

The group moved on to the Attleborough Arms in town before heading to Grosvenor Casino, Coventry, where Dale blew £1,000. He ended up spending £5,000 in total – and decided to break the news in The Sun that it was all a big prank. Wow, um, what a joker?

Plumber Dale says:

I sent them a video of me in a suit celebrating.

I did it to try to get one mate to meet us in a suit to video him looking stupid.

It escalated quickly. I had £2,100 saved up and I woke up with £80 and no phone. It’s a lot of money but it was well worth it.

Worth it? If you say so bud. I mean this guy really thinks he ‘got’ his friends by… texting them that he won the lottery and then blowing a ton of money on them having a great night out. He basically spent £5,000 of his hard-earned cash to prank his friends into hanging out with him. Is Dale the next Ashton Kutcher or what?

I really can’t think of a worse prank TBH. It sounds more like he ended up pranking himself while his mates just got free booze all night. Or maybe – just hear me out here – Dale really did win the lottery and then realised what a colossal mistake it was telling all his friends who then took liberties with him splashing the cash all night. So he’s now come out and said it’s a hoax so he might have a chance of saving some of his winnings.

Yeah, I doubt it too. I think Dale just genuinely doesn’t know how pranks work. Seems he’s elated that he got this story in The Sun though so fair play I suppose. Even though his friends will never believe anything he says ever again.

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