Watch This Prankster Totally Freak Out Delivery People With His Robot Coat Rack

Magician Scary Coat Rack

I would absolutely brick it if this was me.

I’ve never been a delivery guy, but I imagine it must be quite scary sometimes when you’re delivering pizza (or whatever) to a shady looking residence. Or even a massive house or anywhere really. You never know who’s going to open that door.

That’s why it’s the perfect scenario for a prank and this one really must have taken a lot of effort to sort out because it involved creating (or buying) a remote controlled coat rack that looks and acts like a robot. The prankster basically calls the delivery person into his house and asks them to wait whilst he goes and gets the money for said delivery off the kitchen table.

Instead of doing this though he activates the robot and scares the living shit out of them. Watch and learn.

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You’ve got to admit you would absolutely brick it if you saw that robot coming for you like that. My favourite part though is definitely the comment of the last guy – you can’t go scaring black people like that.

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