Terrifying Japanese Dinosaur Prank

Terrifying Japanese Dinosaur Track

If you were walking down a corridor and a dinosaur popped out and started chasing you then you would probably be as terrified as some of these people who got pranked in this awesome prank.

We love a good prank on Sick Chirpse and this is another completely killer from over in Japan. We’ve really got to up our game if we want to compete with other countries because most of the best pranks I’ve been seeing lately have all been foreign and I’m not even talking American. Other countries just seem way better than us at them, is there even a dedicated pranking show on UK TV anymore? If not maybe we should make one.

Anyway, there isn’t really much to say about this prank except how awesome it is. Basically people are walking around a building when suddenly out of nowhere a FUCKING dinosaur appears and chases him around the corridor. Normally you would expect a crappy dinosaur when you read something like this but it’s about as realistic as a dinosaur can be and walking like you kind of would expect a dinosaur to walk rather than some crappy guy in a suit or some kind of remote controlled crap. It’s all about the time and effort you put into a prank and these guys really put it in. I think I’d be bricking it and running scared too if this happened to me.

There’s a bunch of different videos of different victims but I think the best one is the second one because he thinks he’s such a badass when he’s walking down the corridor but as soon as the dinosaur is revealed he completely bricks it. Pussy. The woman with the wig is good too. A+ prank guys.

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