PornHub Compare Data From 2007 To 2017 To Show Us How Depraved We Have Become

It’s only taken ten years for this to happen.

It’s safe to say that PornHub changed the world, as it allowed pretty much anyone easy access to pornography. Some people might even say that PornHub saved their life.

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It’s hard to believe, but the company has only actually been with us for ten years. Think how hard it was to jerk off before then and you’ll realise just what they’ve done for us over that time period. You might as well consign the period before that to the dark ages.

To celebrate their birthday, Pornhub released an insight into how porn has changed in the last decade. And let’s just say, we’ve gotten even more depraved. With regards to most viewed categories, back in 2007 everyone was all about the amateur. Four years later everyone moved onto teen, before MILF took over and now it’s all about the lesbians:

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But the funniest/most telling sign of all is the amount of videos that were uploaded to the site. Ten years ago, there was 134 hours of it. Jump forward five years to 2012 and this figure had risen to a whopping 120,000 hours. That’s a lot of fucking. The stats haven’t yet been revealed for 2017, but last year 476,000 hours of video was uploaded to Pornhub. Basically, we’re all a lot hornier than we were ten years ago. Or at least, the sheer amount of porn available has made us hornier. 

In addition to offering us their key insights, PornHub is kindly offering people the chance to win a ten year membership if they use the hashtag #PHTaughtMe on your Instagram or Twitter. Obviously you’re probably going to be pretty outgoing and not embarrassed if you decide to use that, but I thought I had better warn you just in case because actually using that hashtag could ruin your life if you use either of those platforms for your career and your post is grossly inappropriate. Just saying.

PornHub also made the following suggestive video:

What a great bunch of guys eh? Don’t know what the world would do without them to be honest. Here’s to another ten years.

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