This ‘Poo Wizard’ Regularly Smears Poo All Over His Face To Encourage ‘Poo Sensitivity’

Poo Wizard


When it comes to poop, you would be forgiven for thinking that there’s not actually that much to it – you go to your toilet, do your business and go on about your day – but you would be so wrong.

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At least according to this 37 year old guy called Atlas Talisman. He’s a 37 year old self proclaimed ‘Poo Wizard’ who believe that men’s anuses have become stigmatised due to homophobic and germaphobic attitudes.

Therefore he’s released the following video where he’s smeared poo all over his face to try and normalise it. Take a look or read what he’s got to say below the video:

I wanted to hold solidarity with my sisters by actually getting shitfaced with full pride. You know? respect the rectum. I think it’s one of these unifying things, when we can actually reconnect with our own bodies and not feel shamed about our poo.

You know? Being poo positive, or as I like to say poo-sitive then we can actually finally start getting over the separation from our own earth, our own mud, and therefore the earth of mother nature. So, for all of those who want to have solidarity, protect the rectum and be poo-sitive, I encourage you to get shitfaced with me and maybe celebrate creatively.

I’ve also created what I can ‘faecal fractals’ – paintings with my own poo. It’s amazing the microcosm and macrocosm that we can find.”

Stay human, love your bums, we all have them.

Wow, it’s amazing what can happen when you don’t lose your virginity and never get a boyfriend/girlfriend isn’t it? Pretty worried about this guy to be honest, but at least he’s not as messed up as some other members of the incel community out there.

Don’t believe me? Read this – really is grim viewing.


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