British Police Have Been Breaking Into People’s Houses & Tweeting Photos To Show How Easy It Is


Coventry City Police have pulled off the unprecedented move of entering people’s houses without permission and Tweeting images of themselves hanging out inside unlocked homes.

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The crew who spent January on “burglary patrol” wanted to flag up security risks and raise public awareness of how easy it can be for robbers to find their way inside poorly secured homes.

Here are some examples:

These are the ones that REALLY took the piss though – police Tweeting practically Tweeting from people’s living rooms. These images have since been deleted from the Twitter account following the backlash but here are some screenshots:



And here’s the response:

Coventry City Police responded to the backlash with this explanation:

Aside from the two photos taken literally inside people’s houses, I don’t think this is too bad a move? Especially if it means people will take better care in securing their homes before going out. Even if that means going all-out with some Home Alone style booby traps.

P.S. Remember – not all burglars are a bad bunch. This one took the time to bake a potato and rake some leaves before making his getaway.


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