Police Shouted At For Not Wearing Masks While Arresting Teen With Rambo Knife (VIDEO)

Give them a break.

If there’s one thing that’s a bigger threat than coronavirus, it’s a chav wandering the streets of London carrying a rambo knife.

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Unfortunately for these officers searching said chav outside Walthamstow Central station, they had to deal with a crowd of witnesses berating them over their lack of PPE while they were dealing with the situation:

As you can see, once the officers find the knife, they tell the concerned witnesses:

Thank you for everyone’s concern. This is what he had on him. This is why he doesn’t want to be searched.

One lady then accuses the officer of being rude and again insists they put a mask on, to which the officer rightly says:

You’re worrying about a mask. He’s got a rambo knife. Do you not understand that.

As everyone knows by now, the demand for PPE among police officers and other frontline workers remains high due to ongoing shortages in the UK. There’s also the question of how effective masks would be for police officers who can’t exactly adhere to social distancing measures considering the nature of their work.

I don’t think that lady was necessarily in the wrong asking why the police officers weren’t wearing masks, but the moment they produced that rambo knife she should have STFU to be fair. Not to mention that she’s standing in a group of people herself and isn’t wearing a mask. What a hypocrite!

Good police work IMO – too bad there’s always a Karen around who has to get involved. Would she have been OK with them just letting the lad go?

For the zombie knife thug from Croydon who was let off 21 TIMES before finally being jailed, click HERE. No wonder London’s got so many problems.


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