Police Forced To Tell Doggers That Illicit Meet Ups Are Not Essential Travel After Event Advertised Online

These guys.

I don’t really think that anyone thought that they were technically allowed to get away with going dogging during the pandemic, but even so Canvey Island police have been forced to issue a warning after a dogging event was advertised in their vicinity over the weekend.

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The illicit meet up was advertised on the ‘Let’s Go Dogging’ website and could possibly have a reach of 25,000 people, so police moved quickly to issue a statement discouraging visitors to the region in search of raunchy sex. Here’s what a spokesperson from Essex Police had to say about it:

We will be patrolling sites across Canvey over the weekend as part of our regular patrols.

Covid-19 infection rates have been falling in Essex and we’d like to thank people across the county for following the government guidelines.

However, the virus is still prevalent in our community so it’s essential that you continue to stick to the rules.

The best way to control the spread of the virus, protect your loved ones and ease pressure on the NHS is to stay at home and avoid any unnecessary journeys.

The vast majority of people are doing the right thing but, where clear and blatant breaches have taken place, our officers have responded to them.

If you are thinking about organising a social gathering or making a non-essential journey, please reconsider, stay safe and stop the unnecessary spread of Covid-19.

Kinda lame that they don’t mention the dogging specifically but it’s pretty clear that this is what it’s about at this point. Absolutely mad that those dogging sexual deviants can’t take a few weeks off from their regular business to stop the spread of the virus though – isn’t it pretty cold shagging people in cars at the moment as well? Just wait a couple of weeks and it’ll be the summer and they’ll be able to do it until their heart’s content. For the greater good guys, for the greater good.

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