Police Ended Up Playing Super Smash Brothers After Responding To A Noise Complaint


There’s nothing worse than the police showing up with a noise complaint and shutting everything down when you’re trying to party, but this story gives me hope that sometimes there are easier solutions than ruining the night for everyone.

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Police were called to a small gathering in Saint Paul, Minnesota last Friday night where a group of friends had decided to get together and celebrate the release of Ultimate Super Smash Brothers by playing each other over and over again all through the night. Obviously this got a bit heated which was why the cops came over, but instead of telling them to turn the console off they decided to join in and see what all the fuss was about. Legends.

Jokes. No news on who managed to win out of the guys or the cops, but I would probably just play really badly and let the cops beat me if they weren’t going to charge me with anything or shut the whole event down. Considering that this is exactly what the cops ended up doing, I’ve got a feeling that one of them might have taken a fall. Just saying.

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