Police Confirm That No Report Of Wayne Rooney ‘Set Up’ By Instagram Model Has Been Received

The plot thickens.

A few pictures of former England captain and current Derby manager Wayne Rooney went viral over the weekend after he appeared to be out clubbing with some girls before passing out in a hotel room and letting one of them fart in his face, but now the police have come out and said that they’ve received no complaint about the incident from Rooney despite it being widely reported that he had made one during the fallout.

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The Greater Manchester Police said the following, courtesy of The Daily Star Sport:

But Greater Manchester Police have confirmed to Daily Star Sport that no report has been received.

They also confirmed there is no investigation going ahead, despite reports that Rooney had reported to police alleging the photos had been taken without his consent.

Uh oh. It’s pretty likely that Rooney probably just said that he had reported them to try and get his wife Colleen off his back given how many prior offences he’s allegedly committed when it comes to cheating, but I’m not sure that’s gonna fly with the police contradicting him now. Whoops.

The three girls in the video have now been identified as Snapchat model Tayler Ryan and her friends Elie Melvin and Brooke Morgan, all 21 years old. I imagine it won’t be long until The Sun or someone pays them to do a tell all piece on their night out with Rooney, so stay tuned for that.

For more of the same, check out the original video of the girl farting on Wayne Rooney. Kinda funny I guess?


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