Wayne Rooney Calls Police Over Viral Photos Of Him ‘Cheating’ With Girl Who Farted On Him

What a violation.

You may have seen a bunch of photos doing the rounds over the weekend showing Wayne Rooney getting close with some women in a club, and then fast asleep in a hotel room with said women – who were wearing very little – posing around him.

Basically, it’s the last thing Wayne Rooney needs hitting the papers, especially with his already sketchy history of cheating on Colleen…

Worst of all though? One of the girls took a video of herself farting on the Manchester United legend. The audacity!

How disrespectful can you get? Can you imagine some drunk slappers over in Portugal farting on a passed out Cristiano Ronaldo like that? That’s just no way to treat footballing royalty really.

Anyway, Wayne is understandably livid that these images are doing the rounds, and according to MailOnline has contacted Greater Manchester Police, believing the whole thing was a ‘set up’.

Wayne insists he has done nothing wrong, and to be fair to him, the only thing these photos can prove is that he fell asleep on a chair while sitting a room with a pair of scantily-clad women, and got viciously farted on. Who’s to say anything else untoward happened?

Not to mention he’s fully-clothed in the images, so that’ll work in his favour too. Either way – can’t imagine Colleen is feeling too pleased about it. Although at least there’s no grannies involved this time, so that’s something.

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