VIDEO: Police Brutality At Ukraine Anti-Government Protests

Things are getting extremely heated in Ukraine at the moment with police indiscriminately attacking protesters and members of the public.

Shit is really kicking off in Ukraine at the moment — the biggest protests since the 2004 Orange revolution.

Huge crowds gathered in central Kiev on Sunday, despite the government warning them not to, calling for a revolution against President Viktor Yanukovych. Protestors hope to rise up and topple the government after Ukraine refused to sign a key trade accord with the EU last week.

“We want Europe and freedom”, said one 62-year-old protestor. “The leaders must resign.”

As you’ll see in the video, the protests on Sunday got really ugly in a hurry. Jump to 1:30 to see where it really kicks off with the police brutality and then go to around 4:20 to see a bunch of people who I’m pretty sure had nothing to do with the protests get beaten up by police just for walking by.

Wouldn’t want to be in Kiev right now.

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