Pokemon Recreated In GTA V Is Even Weirder Than You Could Possibly Imagine

Pokemon GTA V

Trevor Philips has gotta catch ’em all.

These GTA V mashups just get funnier and funnier. Or more and more screwed up.

This one involves reimagining Pokemon in GTA V, recasting Ash as Trevor Philips and a bunch of weird looking adults as Pikachu and Charmander and whoever else there is in the Pokemon world. Anyway from pretty much the first scene you know this is going to be a classic and I genuinely didn’t stop laughing the whole way through it.

The video was created by some guy called Merfish, who created it with some GTA V PC mods. Here’s what he had to say about it:

Today I turn 23 years old, and for 17 of those years I have devoted my life to Pokémon. 

It’s one of the few video game series that matches GTA in my heart, so surely a combination of the two would be something special, at least for me.

So this is my birthday gift to myself that I wish to share with all of you.

Right. Sounds like you’ve had a fulfilling life there Merfish.

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