Someone Has Recreated The Fresh Prince Intro In GTA V And It Absolutely Rules

Fresh Prince GTA V

It’s slightly different to how you remember it.

Recreating movie scenes and car crashes and whatever else in GTA V is a completely sick way to spend your time, especially when you create something so sick that it goes viral on the internet and everyone loves it. I mean check out this Breaking Bad recreation from a couple of months ago if you don’t believe me.

It seems certain that this remake from YouTuber Merfish is the next in the long line of GTA V tributes to appear. He’s recreated the iconic Fresh Prince Of Bel Air title sequence in GTA V, but it’s slightly different to how you might remember it as it’s had that GTA makeover. What I mean by that is Will gets attacked by an axe in the basketball court, and ends up unloading a pump action shotgun into his taxi driver, as well as a few other surprises.

For the most part I think it actually works better than the original title sequence, and I’d probably happily sit down and watch a whole episode of GTA V X Fresh Prince – can you get on that for us Merfish? Check out the video below – there’s also a side by side comparison of the two title sequences as well.

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