People Are Using Pokemon Go To Lure Players Into Areas Where They Can Rob Them

This game is officially getting out of control.

Four teens over in Missouri in the US robbed victims by luring them to a specific location using ‘Pokemon Go’.

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The crooks simply put a ‘beacon’ in the location they wanted to bring their victims to, and then robbed them of their phones and other valuables once they showed up.

The police, not familiar with how Pokemon Go works, were a bit baffled at first:

All of the elements of a robbery were all there, so that part was easy, but the more in-depth discussion that followed was like, ‘What?’ You really can’t make this stuff up.

Police arrested the teens – between the ages of 16 and 18 – later that night when the muppets tried to rob a petrol station.




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They look friendly don’t they?

Obviously the issue here is that Pokemon Go’s popularity is coming back to bite us all in the butt. Robbers, murderers, rapists and all manner of criminals using the app to take advantage of us all. I mean this would have been Rolf Harris’s dream, wouldn’t it?

Just stay away from any dark alleys should the app take you there. You don’t really have to catch them all.


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