This Guy Has An A+ Excuse As To Why He Isn’t The Penis Flasher That Police Are Looking For

I’m no lawyer but this is an absolutely watertight defense.

68 year old Hinton Sheryn is appearing at Plymouth Crown Court this week accused of being the serial cock flasher who’d been terrorising the public by perpetually whipping his willy out on the high streets of Plymouth.

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Hinton told the court there’s no way it could be him though, because he’s embarrassed by his penis because it’s “unusually small”.

Great excuse right? Yeah maybe until a prostitute you’ve been regularly seeing shows up to court at the last minute and confirm that your penis is a “normal size”.

The female sex worker’s intervention helped convict Hinton — a successful author and pop promoter — and he was jailed for 17 years after being convicted of 18 cock-flashing crimes.



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You have to wonder if the guy would have got away with it if the prostitute didn’t show up to squash his claims though. I mean what were they going to do — get the guy to whip out his member in court? Just stop proceedings altogether till one of the ushers can locate a ruler? I’m no lawyer or anything but the “it can’t be me because my dick is too small” defence seems impenetrable (pun not intended but intended). Sadly for Hinton he’s got normal-sized dick so he’s going to jail.

P.S. Worst prostitute of all time? If you can’t trust a hooker with your penis size then who can you trust?


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