A Bus Company Rebranded Its ‘LGBT Bus’ To An ‘NHS Bus’ And People Are Very Angry

Uh oh.

A Plymouth bus company has chosen to rebrand its LGBT Pride bus to show support for NHS workers, Tweeting out this announcement the other day.

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Not a terribly contentious thing to do in most people’s eyes, but of course, Twitter’s woke brigade was having absolutely none of it and argued this action undermines the LGBT community. I shit you not:

And on and on it goes. This comes a couple of weeks after there was similar outrage over the NHS ‘appropriating’ the rainbow from the LGBT community in the first place, so you just knew it was going to kick off again over this bus.

Good news is that the majority of people, including the majority of LGBT people, have no issue with this and understand that the rainbow – a universal symbol of hope and peace and happiness – belongs to no one. Rainbows were used symbolically throughout Ancient Greece and Rome, and in art, literature and religion ever since. Imagine seeing this lovely, innocent gesture made to thank the NHS and try to make out its a bigoted plan to ‘erase’ the LGBT community? Madness.

Besides I’m pretty sure this is a temporary rebranding and once the pandemic is well behind us it will go back to being a Pride bus. So what’s the problem? Just another example of recreational outrage from a very vocal minority who have to ruin everything for everyone else.

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