Plumpy Gets His Revenge On Sick Chirpse

PLump Featured

Remember Plumpergeddon – the guy who stole a laptop with tracking software in it and now gets photographs of himself masturbating put on the internet for his crimes? He found out we wrote an article on him and boy, did he get us back.

You might remember a while ago we ran an article about this guy called Plumpy who drugged another guy and stole his laptop. Unfortunately for Plumpy, said guy had laptop tracking software installed on his computer and used this to set up a tumblr and post loads of pictures of Plumpy masturbating and looking at embarrassing websites. And also going on eBay at 3am on New Year’s Day. Basically he completely embarrassed the guy.

Thanks to Sick Chirpse and some other websites that featured it (and a TV show sting that is going to be shown later this year) Plumpy got wind of this tumblr and started sending abusive messages to its owner. Then, yesterday he got wind that I had written the articles on Sick Chirpse embarrassing him and he decided to email me this. Guess he really showed me.

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Plumpergeddon Revenge

In case you can’t figure it out, it’s a picture of two guys sucking each other off. I guess he’s calling me gay. Nick James is the fake name that the TV presenter used when they set up the sting by the way.


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