‘Planet Earth’ Cameraman Finds Huge Komodo Dragon Knocking About In His Hotel Room


Just another day in the life of an Attenborough cameraman.

A BBC cameraman who had been filming in Indonesia for David Attenborough’s second series of ‘Planet Earth’ came back to his hotel room to find he had a visitor.

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Mark MacEwen discovered a massive Komodo dragon knocking about in the bathroom of his hotel room. Imagine the shock you’d have walking into that fucker? I guess if you’re a David Attenborough cameraman your day-to-day life is going to be pretty out of the ordinary.

Phew, well at least they got him out eventually. That could’ve been a dangerous situation, as Komodo dragons have been known to aggressively attack and even eat humans when cornered. This one decided to just shit all over the guy’s floor instead. Nice one geezer.

While we’re on the topic of David Attenborough, did you know ‘Planet Earth II’ is out this Sunday? Don’t miss it.


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