Check Out These Incredible Shots From David Attenborough’s ‘Planet Earth II’

“The technology and the shots are unparalleled.”

People all over the country were delighted to hear that David Attenborough is bringing out a second installment to his amazing series ‘Planet Earth’ after ten years in the making.

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The great thing is, we don’t even have to wait that long – the first episode is out on BBC One this Sunday (6th November) at 8pm. Definitely put that one in the diary.

To get you in the mood, check out these incredible shots from the second series.

planet-earth-4 planet-earth-3 planet-earth-5 planet-earth-6 planet-earth-7 planet-earth-8

‘Planet Earth II’ was filmed in 40 countries over three years and comes a decade after the first series. Sir David Attenborough said:

The technology and the shots are unparalleled. You couldn’t do them 10 years ago. It’s very important television should, every now and again, take an in-depth view of something.


planet-earth planet-earth-1 planet-earth-2

Wow, they look incredible don’t they? As said by Attenborough, the technology is now more advanced than ever, meaning this could be his most significant work to date. Can’t wait for this weekend.

For more on this incredible series, check out the extended trailer HERE.


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