Plane Food Or Vomit? You Decide


Fasten your seatbelts everyone.

The gross airplane food story is one that is universally told. More often than not, the only edible looking morsels on the tray of despair are the bread rolls and if you’re lucky, a piece of fruit in a plastic tub.

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Peeling back the boiling foil lid is a tense moment for all. When everyone’s finished eyeballing the slop that hides inside, you can see the despair on the passenger’s faces as they exchange looks of recognition. Yes, the evolution of the plane meal hasn’t had much time to progress due to the difficult conditions and measly budgets administered by the airline CEOs. As a result, the so-called “chicken pasta” or “beef chow mein” can often resemble the contents of a sickly passenger’s vomit bag.

In fact, sometimes it’s so uncanny it can be hard to tell. What about you? Do you think you could decipher the difference between airplane slop and actual vomit? If you think you can then why not put yourself to the test? Below are a series of images, some of them plane meals, some of them sick. They’re all zoomed in because otherwise it would be a bit too easy. The answers are at the very bottom but as always, no cheating because that’s for suckers. Fasten your seatbelts everyone:



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#1 – Vomit

#2 – Plane Food

#3 – Plane Food

#4 – Vomit

#5 – Vomit

#6 – Plane Food

#7 – Plane Food

#8 – Vomit

#9 – Plane Food

#10 – Vomit

So how did you do? Can you tell your chicken fried rice from your regurgitated chicken fried rice?

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