Plan B And The Neo-Nazis

Plan B has been criticised for wearing a t-shirt depicting a band with known fascist connections.

We’ve had a lot of shit going on in the news recently…no surprise there. So what’s the latest news? Surely something important, that affects us all. World War III or a zombie apocalypse?

Not quite…

Plan B went and did something stupid. Did he kill someone? Explode a few gas cannisters? No. He wore a racist t-shirt. Now tell me this, why is it making news in the same way as the Joker shooting?

He wore a custom-made Skrewdriver tshirt for a cover shoot of Shortlist magazine; his reason being that he wanted to highlight the negative portrayal of skinheads.

Skrewdriver is an old 1970s rock band who were known for their right-wing political lyrics. They were a ‘white power skinhead band’ formed in Lancashire by Ian Stuart Donaldson in 1976, and went on to evolve into one of the first neo-Nazi rock bands.

In the mid-1980s, they headlined many Rock Against Communism concerts. These were often held in Suffolk, at the home of Edgar Griffin — the father of BNP leader Nick Griffin.

Plan B stated that he made a load of tshirts like this, to symbolise how the youth of today are pictured. “Just like my generation of young people are demonised in the media to all be hoodie wearing thugs and chavs, so were the skinheads in the 80s”.

He went on to explain that the t-shirt was made from images copied from the book Skins & Punks by photographer Gavin Watson, which looked at street culture between 1978 and 1985.

He has apologised profusely, promising that he did not know the significance behind the band and what they stood for.

Come on guys, it’s one little t-shirt…give the guy a break!


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