The Best Burger In The World Has Just Been Announced – And It’s Vegan

Best Burger World

Get out of town.

GQ magazine has just revealed their choice for the best burger in the world – and it’s 100% vegan.

The award goes to the $6 (£4) Superiority Burger from East Village Superiority Burger in New York City and nobody’s quite sure what is even in it, just that it doesn’t contain any meat. Apparently it has a chunky nutty texture and it comes in a (probably gluten free) bun with iceberg lettuce and tomato on top, as well as a dill pickle and sauce.

The creator of the burger – a former punk rock drummer turned chef named Brooks Headley – refused to divulge his recipe, but explained his feelings behind creating a meat free burger and why it’s OK to eat a hamburger without meat in it:

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Superiority Burger

I don’t need something indistinguishable from meat in order to feel like I’m eating a hamburger.

The act of eating a burger is so iconic and so American, and it’s not just about the patty.

It’s the squish of the bun, the crunch of the lettuce and the tang of the ketchup — there’s something primally satisfying in all that.

That does make sense, but whilst I’m all behind a vegan diet I think it’s kind of off that the best burger in the world would be vegan, it just doesn’t sound right at all. I mean the best burgers usually have cheese and bacon on too and whilst there are vegan equivalents of those too, I just don’t think I can get behind it.

Having said that though, the burger does look delicious and I would love to check it out and be proved wrong. Just have to figure out a way to get back to New York City now. Even so, I can’t see myself liking this more than a delicious beef burger, no way.

If you’re pissed off about this vegan stuff, then check out the Nelson’s Column – a 10,500 calorie burger with all the meat you could wish for in it. That will cheer you up.


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