Pizza Hut Announces Pizza With Doritos Crust

Pizza Hut Doritos Crust

Pizza Hut just upped the game.

Not content with designing a menu that chooses exactly what you want without you even having to think about it, Pizza Hut have stepped up their game again by creating the Doritos stuffed crust. I’m sure you’ll agree this makes a lot more sense than a hot dog stuffed crust or cheeseburger stuffed crust, right?

It looks delicious right and is probably just about the right amount of not good for you but just about acceptable for you to wolf down those pesky crusts after you’re done eating your pizza. Hell, you might like Doritos so much you might even reverse your pizza slice to eat them first. There’s also some melted cheese in the crust though, so maybe that isn’t so good for you – still pizzas all have melted cheese on them so it’s not exactly like you’re doing anything you weren’t before, as is the case with those humongous hot dog and cheeseburger stuffed crust.

Unfortunately this is only available as a pepperoni pizza now (boring) and is also only available in Australia right now (what!?) but if it does well down there then I’m sure we’ll be seeing it over here soon. In the meantime here’s a couple of pictures of it for you to whet your appetite with:

Pizza Hut Doritos Crust 1

Pizza Hut Doritos Crust 2

Pizza Hut Doritos Crust 3


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