Pizza Hut’s New ‘Mind Reading’ Menu Picks Exactly What You Eat

Pizza Hut Mind Reading Menu

No more looking at menus and having to make a decision yourself.

If you really dread making the decision about what you’re going to eat when you go out to a restaurant – which judging by the company I keep seems like most people in the world – then you’ll be pleased to hear that this may no longer be a problem. If you’re eating at Pizza Hut that is.

Pizza Hut have devised a computerised menu that follows your eyeballs with a webcam as you peruse it, and then picks the pizza you want within 2.5 seconds as it hones in on where you were specifically looking on the menu. The menu itself flashes 20 choices of toppings past you and then builds you your own pizza dependent on what you spent the most time looking at. Genius, right?

You can watch an absolutely terrible promo video below where the narrator sounds like he has a blocked nose and it’s hard to tell whether the couple featured in it or on a date or father and daughter. Awful.

The menu offers 4,896 different types of pizza depending on the combinations and Pizza Hut claim that customers have had a 98% satisfaction rating in the restaurants where it has been trialled. They plan to roll it out into more stores as soon as possible so hopefully it won’t be too long before we’re getting our order calculated for us in 2.5 seconds with a 98% approval rating.

The device has been developed by a Swedish company called Tobii who are the first to use eye tracking technology in conjunction with menus – currently it’s mainly used within advertising to determine where people specifically look on an advert. If the Pizza Hut prototype is successful though, this could soon be changing the way we order food everywhere. I just hope they don’t catch me looking at the cheeseburger stuffed crust.


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