Can You Blame Him? Pizza Delivery Man Gets Stuck Looking At Customer’s Cheeks (NSFW)

Pizza unprofessionalism.

When you’re a pizza delivery man just trying to do his job and be the consummate pizza professional, the last thing you need is for an IG model in lingerie to be waiting behind the door when you’re just trying to deliver the goods and get to your next drop ASAP.

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That was the situation this pizza delivery boy found himself in this week, and sure enough, he failed the pizza pro test miserably:

Tut tut. No discipline. No pizza professionalism. No shame whatsoever. I mean I get you’ve got to save a mental image for the wank bank and all, but just hand over the pizza, sneak in a little glance, and set off on your next delivery. I mean if this was some kind of #MeToo trap, pizza boy would have fallen for it hook, line and sinker.

Here’s a real pizza pro to show you how it’s done:

Now that’s what you call a pizza pro. And he had two booties to deal with! Absolute legend of the pizza game. The rest of you pizza boys could learn a thing or two.

For the mum offered free pizza as compensation after being groped by a Domino’s delivery driver, click HERE.


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