Pizza Delivery Man Surprised By Two Girls In Lingerie Handles It Like An Absolute Pro (VIDEO)

The ultimate pizza professional.

When you’re a pizza delivery man just trying to do his job and be the consummate pizza professional, the last thing you need is for a couple of flirtatious ladies in lingerie to be waiting behind the door when you’re just trying to deliver the goods and get to your next drop ASAP.

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That was the situation this pizza delivery boy found himself in this week, but credit to the guy, he handled the situation like a true pizza pro:

Didn’t really pay them too much mind did he? I mean he got a couple of cheeky glances in there and mentally saved a thing or two for the wank bank, but all things considered he had enough discipline and professionalism to just drop off the pizza and go about his business instead of joining them for a marathon smoke/drink/sex/pizza session. Maybe he thought he was being lured into a #MeToo trap?

In any case at least he’s got a job to go back to, unlike the Domino’s driver who tried to pull off a wheelie and completely stacked it on camera.

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