Watch Piers Morgan’s Terrible Joke Absolutely Bomb On Good Morning Britain

Piers Morgan

The awkwardness is palpable.

It’s a well known fact that Susanna Reid should be considered a national treasure for the way that she manages to put up with Piers Morgan every single morning and it’s videos like the one below that really drive this point home.

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The TV show welcomed Charlotte Hawkins on today after her depart from Strictly Come Dancing last night and highlighted the fact that judge Shirley Ballas didn’t appear to know her name, calling her Molly instead. Entertainment correspondent Richard Arnold made a joke about this calling her ‘Burley Shallas’ which got a fairly decent reaction, but then Morgan tried to do the same and it absolutely bombed. He even made the joke again to try and get a reaction but everyone just looks kind of awkward and tense before moving swiftly on.

Take a look at it yourself:

Yeah, absolute car crash television there from Morgan. Great to see him absolutely embarrassing himself there though as I don’t think there’s too many better sights out there on television other than that.

For more Piers Morgan embarrassing himself, check out Harvey Price calling him out. Classic.


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