Piers Morgan Called ‘Insane’ By His Own Son After Expressing Doubts About Lockdown Lifting

Even the Morgans are divided on this issue.

It seems like everyone in the country has an opinion about whether or not lockdown restrictions should be completely lifted come July 19th as Boris Johnson said they would be yesterday during his address to the nation, with some people saying that it’s high time it should have happened and others warning that the Delta and Lambda variants could lead to a load more deaths and another lockdown in the autumn.

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It’s a loaded question right now and one that has even seen Piers Morgan and his own son Spencer get into a dispute about it. Well, sort of – they just tweeted their different viewpoints with Spencer saying that anyone who disagreed with what Boris Johnson said yesterday was insane, which is clearly a veiled barb at his father given what he had said prior.

Here are their tweets in action:

Don’t really know what to say about this. Both of them have very valid points but as much as it pains me I probably have to go with Piers considering how disastrously every other time we’ve tried to re-open the country has gone. Yes, I get that half the population has been vaxxed but it seems sensible to wait until that figure is even higher and new cases and new variants aren’t running wild all over the place. Obviously there’s the argument about the economy/freedom/loneliness etc on the other side too, so let’s just hope Boris knows what he’s doing this time hey.

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