Piers Morgan Has Defended Travelling To Antigua For His Christmas Holiday

Of course he did.

Piers Morgan has surprisingly been one of the only journalists out there who has been prepared to criticise the government for their handling of the Coronavirus crisis, so it was kinda disappointing for a lot of people when it was revealed that he jetted off to Antigua for his Christmas holiday whilst encouraging everyone else to stay at home and not see their loved ones over the break.

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However, Piers has come out now and offered the following justification for his actions, arguing that he didn’t break any rules as he was apparently residing in a Tier Three area and went straight to the airport:

Hmm. Now everything he says there might be correct, but I’m sure that people are still going to be miffed with him for flying off on holiday when he’s telling everyone to stay at home and not spread the virus.

I’m not going to pretend to know his address, but I’m fairly sure he would have been in a Tier Four zone for filming GMB even if it was before the area was placed in Tier Four, so even if he was at his home in a Tier Three area during the announcement, it’s still a bit suspect as he knows that he would probably have had a good chance of spreading the virus by going on holiday. Sure, technically what he’s done hasn’t broken any rules but you’ve gotta ask questions of him after what he was telling everyone else to do. Seems like a lot of people broke the rules though anyway so he probably isn’t going to get too roasted for this either. Some people have all the luck.

Great deflection as well in the tweet by focussing on the unimportant parts of it like what airline he travelled on and whether or not it was in First Class. Classic diversionary tactics taking away from the real issues here. Suppose you have to give it to the guy, although I don’t think he’s in the right here.

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