Piers Morgan Allegedly Spent Christmas In Antigua After Warning The UK To Stay Put At Home


There have been a hell of a lot of different constants throughout the Coronavirus pandemic, but one of the main ones has been that the people in charge telling the nation what to do have blatantly disregarding their own rules so they can party and do whatever they want on a fairly regular basis. They’ve usually faced zero consequences for this course of action as well.

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Piers Morgan has strangely been one of the only people in the media attempting to hold the government and other members of the elite to account over their hypocrisy and trying to make them face the some kind of punishment for their actions, but it turns out that he may be no better than the rest of them after it emerged that he may have flown out of the country and spent Christmas in Antigua. This news came courtesy of courtesy of the notorious Guido Fawkes Twitter account – which has been known for exposing controversial information before – which says the following:

Now, the news is unconfirmed and even if it did actually happen, it may not be as bad as it first appears – although it’s still far from ideal for Morgan.

Firstly, Piers apparently jetted off before the Tier Four restrictions were introduced meaning that all travel abroad from such areas were banned. However, Piers still would have been in Tier Three restrictions and the official advice here is still not to travel abroad unless it’s essential or for work and it’s quite clear that a trip to Antigua doesn’t really fall under that remit. Advice specifically stated that people in that Tier shouldn’t be going on holiday abroad, but it’s not a straight up ban on foreign travel like in Tier Four. Still not a good look for Piers if he has been caught doing this, especially considering his stance on so called ‘Covidiots’ all the way through the pandemic.

Secondly, there’s also the fact that on December 16th Piers called for government officials to introduce tougher measures to lockdown Christmas to avoid the situation that the country now finds himself in, so it’s no doubt insanely hypocritical for him to demand that and then jet off to Antigua on his holidays. Whatever way you paint it, he might have escaped breaking the official rules, but his behaviour will still be viewed as questionable if it is proved to be true and is another classic example of one rule for the country and another for the elite.

Guido has reached out to Piers to confirm or deny whether he was staying at the exclusive Jumby Island resort – two hours south of Antigua and only accessible by boat – but he has remained uncharacteristically silent on the matter. He imposed a no social media rule over his Christmas break as well so there’s no  way for us to determine his location by studying his Twitter or Instagram etc. Imagine it won’t be too long until the truth is revealed though.

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