PHOTOS: Russia’s Army Training Drills Look Absolutely Brutal

We’d expect nothing less.

It seems likely that the Russian army is one of the most savage in the world, and the pictures below appear to prove this point. The images were taken as Russian militants showed off their martial arts skills as part of a “goodwill visit” to the Philippines.

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The Russian marines smashed glass bottles with their heads and hit each other with burning wooden planks to shocked onlookers in Manila. They also showed off their shooting, knife-fighting and martial arts skills. Meanwhile, one of Putin’s elite marines had to deal with having concrete blocks smashed on his stomach.

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This comes as Putin is hoping to set up the Philippines as a new ally after Filipino president Duterte expressed anger towards the U.S. Duterte himself is an absolute savage so I’m sure they’ll get on famously.

The Russian army is clearly filled with men who are harder than granite. Their drills look nearly as brutal as North Korea’s. I wonder which army would win in a fight? I’d put my money on Russia.


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