North Korea’s Army Drills Look Completely Fucking Savage (VIDEO)


Let’s hope we never go to war with these guys.

It’s often wondered that if North Korea were to end up going to war with the rest of the world, if they would even have anywhere near the resources to sustain a prolonged war effort. But if this video is anything to go by then it looks like they might have the toughest army out there.

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The video shows the North Korean army engaging in a bunch of training drills that involve crazy feats like smashing each other in the face with bricks and slamming rocks placed on each other’s chests with sledgehammers. It basically makes them look like they’re hard as nails, only in a completely bizarre and ridiculous fashion:

Weird right? Even so, I wouldn’t want to be coming up against them. Having said that, as with everything in North Korea, we kind of have to question whether it’s even real or not. I’m not convinced that every one of the troops up there has to do those drills. It is likely this is all for show.

In any case, Kim Jong-un is said to have as many as 690,000 men ready to go with 4.5million in reserve. With those numbers, he could probably keep up some kind of war effort for a while, but let’s hope that it never comes to that.

If it does, we might need to get these Shaolin monks on our side, as their training methods put even those of the North Korean army into the shade. Get them involved.


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