Photographer Terry Richardson Banned Following Dozens Of Sexual Assault Allegations

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Abuse of power.

Photographer Terry Richardson has allegedly been ‘banned’ from working some of the world’s top magazines following a series of sexual assault allegations.

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Condé Nast International, which publishes leading titles such as Vogue, GQ, Glamour and Vanity Fair, has been revealed to have circulated an email within the group announcing that they’ll no longer be working with Richardson.

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Staff members were also told that anything not yet already published by Richardson should be, “killed or substituted with other material.” That sounds serious. Apparently the email was seen by the Telegraph.

For many years Richardson has been at the centre of many sexual abuse and harassment allegations towards models throughout his career as a photographer. He has always denied these claims, despite the fact that his work is typically sexually explicit. He has found fame in top fashion magazines for his sexy photo shoots and also directed Miley Cyrus’ naked “Wrecking Ball” video.

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This news comes in the wake of Harvey Weinstein’s firing from his production company after the outbreak of a string of sexual harassment allegations. What this means with regards to Richardson is yet to be seen, but no doubt we’ll find out soon. In 2017, the truth comes out.


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