Husband Tries To Slip $100 To A Phone Repair Man So His Wife Won’t See Call History Log… Gets Exposed (VIDEO)

Did he do the right thing?

If you were working in a phone repair shop and a cheating husband slipped you $100 to pretend that you couldn’t fix his phone, what would you do? Take the money and help him deceive his wife or do the ‘right thing’ and tell her exactly what’s going on?

This dude went for the latter option:

Well, so much for “I don’t wanna be involved”. Not only did he tell the wife exactly what happened but he also had to face off with the angry husband afterwards. Wish he’d kept the camera rolling at the end there because it sounds like the husband was about to go off on him.

In any case, it was always gonna be a risk taking a chance on a random professional accepting $100 to hide your adultery. Probably should have just paid some crackhead to rob him of his phone in front of his wife instead. Can’t expect a legit businessman who is neutral to the situation to help you with your pea-brained antics. Although maybe if he really was a legit businessman he would have kept the $100? Something to ponder.

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