Phil Jones’ Copied Aaron Ramsey’s Shit New Hairstyle And Somehow Managed To Look Even Worse

What are you thinking about there Phil?

We bought you news of Aaron Ramsey’s awful new hairstyle for Euro 2016 earlier this week and now it seems that it’s somehow proven so popular that one his Premier League colleagues has actually decided to copy it. Literally unbelievable, I know.

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Phil Jones clearly isn’t taking his omission from the England squad well – but honestly he’s had such a non event of a season can you really blame Roy for overlooking him? – as it looks like he’s having a mid life crisis by not only copying Aaron Ramsey’s awful barnet, but by actually somehow succeeding in making it look even shitter than the original. Get a load of this:

Phil Jones

Phil Jones

Phil Jones Aaron Ramsey

Honestly what are these guys thinking? Did they lose some kind of bet or have some kind of secret pact going on or something? I just can’t believe that two footballers would do this knowingly in the same week because although footballers are notoriously stupid, it would be one hell of a coincidence if two were randomly this stupid within a couple of days of each other. Surely something must be going on right?

Until we figure it out though, celebrities had better hope that Aaron Ramsey doesn’t score at Euro 2016 because they might end up dying thanks to the curse of Aaron Ramsey.


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