Phil Collins’s ‘Fairytale Reunion’ With Ex-Wife Ends After She Marries Toy Boy Behind His Back

Didn’t feel that coming in the air tonight.

People say it’s never a good idea to get back with your ex-wife, and this situation involving Phil Collins and his ex Orianne Cevey may be a good example why.

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As reported by People, Collins and Cevey had rekindled their relationship back in February 2016, with Phil Collins at the time explaining it as follows:

It wasn’t something we wanted to make a song and dance about… But obviously when you have children, there’s two ways you can go. You can go the nasty way or you can go the nice way, and we always went the nice way … and we realized we missed each other.

Well fast forward to 2020 and it looks as though Collins and Cevey are calling it quits again… after his ex-wife decided to marry her toy boy lover in Las Vegas behind his back, while still living in his home!

As reported by TMZ:

The outlet claims Orianne married another man in August after telling Collins she was taking a business trip to Las Vegas. Citing sources close to the musician, TMZ said Collins gave Orianne until Friday afternoon to pack her bags and leave, but she refused and allegedly threatened him to renegotiate their divorce settlement.

The cheek of it. I mean imagine that! Your ex-wife moves back in with you and claims she’s going on a business trip to Las Vegas, only to come back married to someone who isn’t you. Must be especially tough when she’s threatening to renegotiate the reported $46.76 million you gave her in the divorce, while she’s living in your home and refusing to move out, even after you were trying to do things “the nice way.”

Well, no more Mr. Nice Guy for Phil Collins:

The outlet also reported that Collins intends to file an eviction lawsuit this week.

So I guess the moral of the story is to always remember why you split up in the first place, and why getting back together is always doomed to fail sooner or later. You live and you learn.

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