PETA Have Released A Video Claiming That Vegans Have Better Sex Than Meat Eaters

Vegan Meat Eater

Whilst I don’t really have anything against vegans, I do find the militant side of the movement and organisations like PETA a bit too much in their unrelenting efforts to obliterate meat eaters from the world and if this pathetic video doesn’t illustrate why they annoy me, then I don’t think anything will.

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This video was originally posted to coincide with the 2016 Superbowl, but PETA decided to repost it yesterday when the hashtag #SureSexIsGreatBut started trending. In short it shows a vegan couple going at it in a splitscreen with a non vegan couple and you can probably guess where this is going can’t you? The vegan couple have way better sex and last way longer whereas with the meat eating couple, the guy blows his loads and it’s all very awkward and embarrassing:

Yeah I mean, there’s a reason that advert got banned from being shown during the Superbowl two years ago because it’s completely ridiculous and I’m pretty sure completely incorrect and discriminatory too. Yeah, there are studies that find that meat makes you sleepy and that the chances of erectile dysfunction are decreased by a diet high in fruits, but there’s also studies like this one that says that meat eaters have way more sex than vegetarians. There’s a study for everything so I wouldn’t believe any of this crap when it comes to your sex life. Just do what makes you feel good dude.


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