Study Finds That Meat Eaters Have Way More Sex Than Vegetarians


Time to rethink Veganuary.

Vegetarianism and veganism seem to be all the rage at the moment, especially with many people taking on the veganuary challenge, but a new study suggests that being vegetarian might not exactly be all that.

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A new study from Gourmet Meat Club – who might be slightly biased here – is claiming that meat eaters have way more sex than their vegetarian counterparts – apparently 46% of carnivores have sex at least once a week, whilst this is only true of 16% of herbivores. That’s a pretty significant drop off in sex if you ask me, so if you enjoy getting laid maybe you should quit veganuary whilst you’re ahead.

There is apparently a scientific reason why this is true as well, with Professor Walter Ogana explaining why this is happening:


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Meat turns you into the animal you’re eating. The animal propensities or lower powers are magnified above reason.

The lesser the power of reason, the more debased humanity becomes.

Thus more sexual activities, murders, revelry among other vices.

I mean that sounds completely ridiculous and kind of like the voiceover on an old aftershave advert or something? I’m not really sure I’m buying this study from the Gourmet Meat Club – I could probably do with checking out some other sources before I give up on veganuary entirely.

You’ve really gotta think that the idea behind this study comes from the fact that Gourmet Meat Club sells meat for a living, right? Can’t really get past that and take it seriously to be honest.

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