PETA Wants To Erect A Tombstone For 4500 Lobsters Killed In A Truck Crash



I don’t think there’s any debate over whether animals have feelings or not, but I’m not necessarily if that means that we need to honour them all with memorials upon their deaths.

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I mean that might sound insensitive but I’ll paraphrase it by saying that I think gravestones for humans are a waste of time and money. As far as animals go, of course if it’s a family pet or something, but I think it’s a bit of a waste of time to demand a tombstone for 4500 anonymous lobsters.

Of course though, this is exactly what vegetarian action group PETA have done following a truck crash last week that killed that amount of the creatures. They intend for the huge gray tombstone in Brunswick, Maine to look like this, with the following inscription:

Lobster Grave

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In Memory of the Lobsters Who suffered and Died at This Spot, August 2018, Try Vegan.

Hmmm. The proposal is currently being looked at by Maine’s Department of Transportation and if granted the tombstone will be allowed to be erected for 12 weeks. PETA included this argument in their submission:

Scientists have confirmed that lobsters have sophisticated nervous systems, and because crustaceans don’t enter a state of shock when injured, they feel every moment of their slow, painful death – whether from being torn limb from limb on the road or at the slaughterhouse or when they’re boiled alive in pots.

I mean yeah I get that and I get that it sucks that these animals get hurt but I really can’t comprehend how PETA think that erecting that tombstone is going to change anyone’s opinion of veganism. I’m fairly OK with the idea and have got a lot of time for the vegan movement and even I’m getting annoyed about the whole concept. Do they really think someone who loves meat/lobster is going to see this tombstone and be swayed by it? I think it’s probably more likely that they would pull over on and piss on it to be honest. What a waste of time.

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